Cass' 40th at Posh Plonk on 5 February 2022


5 February 2022

Posh Plonk on Main, 62 Main Street Chiltern

It’s time for Cass to celebrate her 40th and she’s brought us on board to make sure it’s an event to remember! Don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as a creative genius. We’ll help you step by step and you’ll unwind as you channel all of your worries into the paint (and drink of choice, of course!)

We will provide the canvas, paints, brushes and all other materials that you’ll need to create your masterpiece! The painting itself will be a surprise, because if you know what it is you might think “I can’t paint that”, but that’s not true, we believe in you!! (and we make it easy) We have aprons for everyone, but please wear clothing that you’re not too emotionally attached to, just in case.

Platters and bubbles will make their way around at Cass’ expense!

Once you’ve got your ticket, you just need to show up at Posh Plonk on Main at around 2:20pm (for a 2:30pm start).

See you there!!

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