DIY Paint Pack - Countryside


Fly solo with this colourful paint pack, or get a few of them to enjoy with a group in person or on a video call!

This paint pack comes with:
– 40cm x 30cm canvas (1)
– Large flat brush (1)
– Palette knife (1)
– Required paint colours in reusable pots (6)
– Plastic plate for mixing colours (2)
– Digital painting guide with almost 20 pages of comprehensive and easy to follow instructions

All you need is a small amount of table space, a jar or container for some water, something to lean your canvas against and the snacks and drinks of your choice!

We ask that you please support our business by NOT forwarding your comprehensive paint pack instructions to anyone else. If someone that you know is interested in creating this painting for themselves, it would be awesome if you could please send them the link to this page so that they can purchase their own pack and dive into some creativity! Thank you so much.