DIY Painting – Instructions only – Forest


If you (or the person you’re buying for) has plenty of art supplies at home, then this might just float your boat!

This document contains around 20 pages of comprehensive step by step instructions to make it as easy as possible for you (or your loved one) to follow along with.

To paint this artwork, you will need:
– A canvas that is 30cm x 40cm or 40cm x 50cm (or any larger or small canvas with a similar ratio of measurements)
– A size 15 flat brush (or any flat brush that is 1cm to 2cm in width)
– A size 12 round brush (or any medium sized round brush)
– A selection of paints. In the instructions we make specific reference to white, turquoise, burnt umber (dark brown), bright green, sap green (dark green) and light purple.
– A jar or container for your water
– A palette or plate of some kind for mixing
– Something to lean your canvas against (unless you are happy to just lay it flat on a bench or table)

We ask that you please support our business by NOT sharing these instructions with anyone. If you know someone that would love to follow along with one of our comprehensive sets of instructions, we would love if you could please send them the product link for them to make their own purchase.

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