Sad Mums Painting/Lunch at Beer Deluxe on 30 April


30 April 2022

Beer Deluxe, 491 Kiewa Street Albury


We love what the Sad Mums Club is all about and we were so stoked when Gretchen, Jordyn, Monika and Stacey asked us to arrange a painting event! Beer Deluxe have agreed to have us for a day of painting and food! We will paint up in the Crown Lounge from 11am to 1pm and then head downstairs for a 1:30pm lunch. You can join us for either one, or both!

This page will allow you to choose which of the activities you would like to come along to. We usually charge $62 per head plus food for our private events but it was our pleasure to work with Beer Deluxe and come up with this special price which includes finger food while you paint! If you’re planning to skip painting and come for lunch then you won’t be charged anything for getting your ticket here and drinks and food will be at bar/menu prices. 

Don’t worry if you’re keen for painting but don’t think of yourself as a creative genius. We’ll help you step by step and you’ll unwind as you channel all of your worries into the paint (and drink of choice, of course!)

If you purchase a ticket for painting we will provide the canvas, paints, brushes and all other materials that you’ll need to create your masterpiece! The painting itself will be a surprise, because if you know what it is you might think “I can’t paint that”, but that’s not true, we believe in you!! (and we make it easy) We have aprons for everyone, but please wear clothing that you’re not too emotionally attached to, just in case.

Once you’ve got your ticket, you just need to show up at Beer Deluxe Albury at around 10:50am (for an 11am start – if you’re painting). If you’re running late for painting please just send a message to one of the Sad Mums Club admins, post in the group or text 0458 643 167 to make sure we look out for you and catch you up on any steps you might have missed. If you’re not painting, we’ll see you at 1:30pm ish (come as you are and when you can) for some lunch and drinks!

See you there!!